“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein

We’re a group of freelance indie developers located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, operating as GooGoo Lab since 2014.  We’re committed to developing small games that make a big impact.

We started making games after (as a family) playing games together for years, it was the next natural step.

Our idea of a good game involves consistent challenges, fun story-lines, memorable moments, interesting choices and a sense of overall cohesion.

GooGoo Lab started out with the development of toddler apps to help children with early reading, maths and hand-eye coordination. We continue to maintain the development of (free-to-download) toddler apps by creating games that stimulate young minds and encourage the early stages of problem solving in children. We enjoy the development of these early educational games to assist parents with their child’s learning while they engage in fun activities together.  Receiving thankful emails from parents who claim their child learned from our games has only further inspired us.

We’ve also moved onto developing other games for ages 10 to adult. Games like Obstacle racing and Idle Colony.

Our workplace is a dynamic collaborative environment that encourages ​out-of-the-box thinking​​. We strive to support each other’s strengths and cultivate creativity. We use the Unity Engine to develop attractive 2D/3D games/apps.

Mobile Development iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Desktop Game Development 95%
Mobile App Development 90%
App Enhancement 85%
Graphics and Asset Development 75%

WordPress Website Development

We have years of experience creating WordPress websites for local and international companies. Specializing in Restaurants and offering local professional photography we can design a user friendly, informative business website that is affordable to create and maintain.

Mobile App Development

We’ve worked on successful mobile apps for local businesses. We can create an app, for your business, that can evolve to take advantage of new capabilities. Creating great UI design that enhances the usability and appeal of your products.

Restaurant App

We create restaurant apps to help engage your customers, encourage positive Yelp/Google ratings and improve sales. We'll even add interactive game play and the ability to track sales and even ping customers with upcoming promos.

Graphics and Asset Development

Graphic / CGI content is the main attraction of the digital world starting from websites, e-commerce graphic assets and of course the gaming world. We have over 20 years of experience producing industry standard digital graphic content for our valued customers.

 Pixels Pushed

Pushing pixels doesn’t feel like work…

when it involves playing with new ideas.

 Cups of Coffee

Every great day starts with a great cup of Joe…

and Timmy-runs are something of a thing here.

 Lines of Code

Algorithm is a word often used by Programmers…

when they don’t want to explain what they did.

 Great Ideas

The best way to develop a great idea…

is to cultivate lots of ideas


A twist on old-school Brick Breaker

Brick Miner, this unusual take on Brick-Breaker has you upgrading your paddle by collecting minerals from the jagged bricks that hang above each new stage. As you get through the stages you can upgrade not only your paddle but your throwing rock as well. Take on the challenge and ‘mine’ your skills.


Our Portfolio

What makes a great game? Well we think it involves consistent challenges, fun story-lines, memorable moments, interesting choices and a sense of overall cohesion.

Idle Colony

Exburrminate – The Weed Resistance

Obstacle Racing

The Cell Games

Toddlers let’s count


A Rocky Start

Toddlers let’s learn colors

Bottle Rocket – Beach Run

Brick Miner


Rise of the Valkyrie

Rich. Yes I am



We love to scour the net for interesting game-related articles. Enjoy. 😀


The Party

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IGN: Jackrabbit (Dylan)

SEO/Photographer/Video editor  

IGN: Emune (Nafe)

Unity Programmer/Level Designer/Strategist/Marketing Consultant/UX

IGN: Nallah (Jennah)

Graphic Designer/Artist/illustrator/Social Media Manager/WordPress

IGN: Dababah (Farid)


IGN: Afflycted (Connor)

Eng Phys Student Carleton University/Unity C#/Python, Game Dev

IGN: Cap’N (AJ)

Script Writer/Digital Artist/Game Developer/Video Editor/UX


24 Cleopatra Dr. Nepean
Ottawa, Ontario


Nafe Heydari (Emune)

Mobile: 343-998-2180




Mon – Fri: 11AM – 4PM
Sat – Sun: Closed


We’d love to
hear from you!

If you have any questions about our apps or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us.