Hero Legends, Kingdom Control

A new game in the works, by GooGoo Labs

This game is categorized as a simulator, strategy, gacha, idle game, all rolled into one.

Hero Legends will captivate your heart and pique your curiosity, with large areas of land to explore and hundreds of characters and quests to discover.

Players will enjoy hand painted landscapes and settler portraits full of character and charm. Each character brings a new face to your camp and hope for a better tomorrow.

You start your quest full of aspiration and encouragement saying farewll to those you leave behind, at the gates of Urymont, you step out onto the dirt road, as the iron gates slowly close behind you.

After several days of travel you find the perfect area to settle. You begin with building a small firepit, it is your lifeline, while you hunt and explore the land around you. Food is your priority, but you must also find resources.

You hope to attract nearby travelers. Perhaps if you build a cabin or 2, people will want to join you.

High stakes are frequently considered as you navigate the new map, filled with friend and foe alike. You send out a scout, who recently joined your settlement. Will she come back with the discovery of land filled with collectable resources like precious metals, wood, animals, and herbs? You hope she at least finds seeds to cultivate the land and feed the new settlers who now join you daily.

Will you choose to kill everything in your path or maybe rescue a few animals to preserve in the sanctuary. There will be decisions that will shape your direction and alter your future.

Many areas of the map will hold monsters as large as the biggest tree and some as small as your hand but with the power of ten men.

Meet new leaders, heroes of today, that will stand guard and watch over areas like lumbermills and mining camps. These new heroes will be a tremendous help as you find yourself curious about that clouded area of the map even though it gives you the shivers whenever you journey near it.

Discover new lands, build your settlement and strengthen your fortress. Find new heroes to join your clan and add new buildings, fountains and flower gardens to improve the prosperity of your kingdom. Seek out those who rise against those evil creatures whose dark agenda poisons the land and threatens all that are nearby.

Build Settlements, Villages, a Kingdom

Discover new settlers, each having their own uniqueness

Collect animals to save in your sanctuary

Build gardens and tend to your crops

Fish and build a boat to paddle to new locations

Fight a boss and gain a hero

Battle to take over territories and uncover treasure and items that improve your land

Discovery Heroes of today and Heroes of the past

Find ruins and abandoned castles to explore