Obstacle racing is not your ordinary car game. Choose your character, your career, your vehicle and your course. Attempt to get through the course gaining coins and finding hidden gems. Don't forget to use your 'special', just look for the big red button.


In Obstacle Racing you can use the character creator to make yourself unique. Collect coins to buy interesting new accessories or find hidden treasures to improve your look.


There are 30 cars to choose from in Obstacle racing. Each car has a particular kind of special that allows you that little extra advantage. Make sure to choose the vehicle that gives you the biggest chance of winning that next course.


Upgrade your vehicle by collecting coins or finding hidden treasures. Each vehicle can be fully upgraded by collecting enough coins. As you upgrade your favorite vehicle you will find courses becoming much easier.

Obstacle Racing may look a little like another very popular side-scrolling car racing mobile game but it’s so much more. Although Obstacle Racing is a physics-based driving game its state of physics is a little more realistic than your average car game. You won’t find your vehicle flipping fifty feet into the air but leaping off ravines are still a thing, provided you have enough momentum.

Every new upgrade you make to suspension or tires, for example, really make a difference when it comes to the environment.

Start with choosing your profession, Taxi driver, race-car driver or scavenger collector. Each profession gives you extra coins and level specials. Taxi driver can pick up customers and get paid for dropping them off, race-car drivers get lots of winnings for making the race in the best time and scavenger collectors bring in all kinds of cool stuff like resources, treasures or even fallen car parts found along the roads.

Character Creator: In obstacle racing you’re not just one guy, you’re who ever you want to be. Choose your character by running through the character creator, faces, skin color, hair and even accessories. You’ll want to make your character extra special since you can play against friends online! If you want to be Pat, with bright green hair, a wizard hat and a pointy black beard, go for it! Embrace your uniqueness! Hey, just warning you though, hold on to that pretty new hat since some not-so steady terrains might pop it off. (Pff, no worries, you’ll get it back.)

Find special hidden treasure chests with rare accessories.

You’ll get to explore lots of cool maps and there are more than 30 vehicles to choose from. Getting from one end of the map to the other will all depend on the type of vehicle you choose. Trucks and all-terrain vehicles might be best for hilly-dirt roads and a classic sports car might suit those city-streets.

Keep in mind that it’s called ‘obstacle racing’ because you’re bound to find an obstacle or two along the way that could hinder your journey. Running out of petrol is surely going to slow you down, so watch out for those gas-tank fill-ups!

You’ll want to get familiar with your first vehicle, GrandMa’s car, she’s kept it in the garage for the last 25 years hoping you’d own it some day. She’s installed some unusual buttons and nobody really knows why??

So every vehicle has a little something special; in fact that’s exactly what it’s called your “Special”. Press that shiny big red button and watch your vehicle boost you to new heights or bring in extra coins, either way it’s a button you won’t want to resist.

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Start January 2016 – Re-Release Date: Summer 2021