It goes by the name of Cell. It’s obvious goal is to take over the universe by eliminating the inhabitants of one planet at a time. The innocent people aren’t fooled by its incredibly cute exterior. It's evil motives were clear the moment that tail consumed its first victim.


You must, with precision, strike your foe (the earthlings) that dwell on the planet you are taking over. Suck the life out of them because it’s your source of energy. They’re not as cute as you so it’s ok.


The more inhabitants lives you take, the more energy you gain giving you the ability to lay eggs. Every underling that hatches can assist you in battle.


As you gain strength from the lives you suck up you’ll gain sustenance points which will give you the ability to upgrade your tail.

The Cell Games is an incremental clicker, your next best easy-to-play but addictive mobile clicking game. The adorable but evil Cell (You) arrives on your planet of prey. You ready your tail to strike at the first inhabitant sucking the very life out of him/her. Suck fast and when you level up you recruit the help of your underlings, eggs hatched as you gain sustenance from your prey. Level up and add more recruits to give you every advantage because the inhabitants to your next world will be stronger as you make your way through the solar system.

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