Exburrminate - Use a weed cannon to defeat the evil flowers
(no not that kind of weed cannon)

Sling Shots

Upgrade your slingshot and enjoy exciting new levels. Level up your Weed Canon to eradicate the evil flora. The annuals are thy enemy. Who came up with the saying “He’s a bad weed” – There are no bad weeds!!!

Plant Life

Disregard all that you know about your love for flowers. They’re not what you once believed.  Weeds, the natural indigenous inhabitants of the gardens.  Say no to weed-killer.

Meadows a-plenty

Enjoy new level designs, upgraded regularly.  Beautiful new territories, Added seasons, Meet new enemies and the ability to recruit new weed-life willing to join the revolution.

Here’s a twist on your favorite sling-shot games. Mix-it-up with the King-Pin, The Burrminator, he’ll lead the revolt against the evil Flora. Forget all you know about your love for flowers. Look a little closer at the ground cover in the forest, somethings afoot. It’s time to let the natural weeds spread their roots and flourish.

In Exburrminate you assist an army of weeds who are lead by the Burrminator. This General has a score to settle with the not so indigenous flower community in gardens around the globe.

Level up your weed-cannon and find new recruits as you navigate the levels, seasonal upsets and powerful enemies.

The BURRS have it! It’s always a sticky and even explosive situation when considering the right curvature to place on your weed-cannon. Stack them high and use leverage to your advantage or use a heavier burr to flip those evil flowers from their dens.

Let gravity and the mechanics of the weed-canon lead you to victory. New burrs and weeds ready for action can be the win-all or lose-all of this game. Choose your weed-ammo wisely.

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Exburrminate – slingshot game

Art Director/Game Developer

Start Date: (Sept/2021)