Idle Colony: An idle simulation game like no other.

Selective Breeding

You can breed the best of the best from planet to planet. Choose Freyja and pear her with the very charismatic Rexlor. Who will their offspring be? The random generator will always create a unique new cyborg. Help breed Cyborgs that Manage the tribes from generation to generation.

Expanding Cities

It’s always fun to watch your cities grow. Not only do they become more populated but the cities become more industrialized as the generations grow. Expand your cities into new territories, landscapes with beautiful countrysides and waterways. Your planet will change rapidly.

New Planets

When you are ready to boost, it’s not your standard reset (prestige). In fact a reset is a whole new world, literally.  When you reset on Idle Colony you will take off to a new planet. Then later revisit existing planets with new technology and skills and advancements. Check in on Managers.

Idle Colony is an exciting new idle simulation game by GooGoo Lab. Not far into the distant future from now, a colony from earth has been dispatched to colonize nearby planets in an attempt to 'trade' technology for their planet’s resources.

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GG Lab

Idle Colony

Art Director/Game Developer

Start Date: Sept 2021

Earth is a dying planet. After years of careless pillaging, without concern of repercussion, it is now barren of its precious minerals and natural resources. Resources such as fossil fuels, iron, timber, and precious metals, to name a few, are no more and humankind are on the brink of chaos.

There is a spark of hope, however, a group of top scientists and brilliant civilians, has been established to colonize and trade with nearby planets.

Will their missions be successful and at what cost to the new planets they inhabit and whom may they encounter along the way?

They will walk the parched plains that scatter the planet of Verdenia, explore the dark and mysterious forests of Conguay, and hike the mountainous regions of the planet Rusland. They intend to produce as many resources as possible, through trade of skill and technology to the indigenous people of every planet they explore.  (Do some of this convocation’s higher-ups share interests in a seedier method of productivity? – Maybe).

Villagers will start with simple means of transportation but soon learn new technological advancements to collect resources at a faster and more efficient rate. Watch them upgrade their once dilapidated villages as they grow and change.

As production eventually wanes the Colony’s assigned Scientists to wavering productivity, begin to breed a few select indigenous people to create what they refer to as the “Managers”. (Are the indigenous people and Colony underlings aware of all the details? – Not entirely).

Every Manager is equipped with cyborg implants in order to extend their lives indefinitely and essentially leaving them immortal. (This is a good thing, right? Who wouldn’t want immortality? No reason for concern). The Managers are far superior to others of their kind and so they lead the tribes for generations. Every Manager that is created will mean more productivity and a fatter storage bay to carry back home to earth.

Once a planet has reached its limit the colony will move onto the next planet, a reset. Exploring new planets, breeding new species, building new cities, traversing new landscapes, rearing successful waterways and farms and discovering new treasures are just some of the exciting prospects ahead.

Every new planet brings new challenges. Some challenges are met with surprise.

After decades of research and advancement the colony can even head back to previous planets to check in on Managers and their accomplishments.


✔Selective Breeding

✔City Expansions

✔New Worlds to Discover


✔Ancient Ruins and Treasures

✔ Enjoy Weekly Gift Boxes (From Keener Managers)

✔No Annoying Advertisements – that get in the way! 

✔Watch your Civilizations Grow